Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The smile crusade.

A few days ago, I found Alicia´s blog, and she posted a sweet idea, Project Smile. Basically, it´s about collecting things that made you smile, and posting about them, in regular intervals. I think I´m late, allready, but I thought it was an awesome idea, and as fall begins, I´m starting right now:
This week, I had to smile when...My twins told me they want a newborn for christmas. Quote "You get big tomorrow, and we´ll have the baby on christmas." Well... no way, cuties! *humming the marvelous lifehouse song "had enough, had enough of thi-his..."*

I had to smile when the stray cat we adopted followed us all day long, like a dog, and fought off all dogs like a ninja. Keep in mind that I used to hate cats about three weeks ago.

I had to smile when I found out there´s a community for female wannabe-authors in our neighbourtown and the 60 year old women who leads it was really very, very friendly, warm and welcoming to me - and I felt like a new door opened.

I had to smile about Ronjas happiness when I allowed her to drive on the carrier of my bike and she hugged me while driving through the rain.

I had to laugh so hard I hit my head on the bathroomwall (and it still hurts) when Tim and I discussed about boredom and phantasie. Don´t ask what made me laugh so hard, just don´t.

I had to smile when those frosted cupcakes I found on Grin and bake it actually turned out edible, and when I read that recipe. It was the first time I frosted cupcakes, at least with a nice, thick, rich american frosting, and though I didn´t wait long enough untill they cooled down, they were still very nice :-)

I had to smile about the sweet and friendly comments you left me, especially at the one from Samah. This is precisely what I had in mind when I decided to start blogging.

And I still have to smile when I listen to this song: I discovered this band yesterday, and this song is so uplifting and joyfull and positive it makes me dance through my kitchen and sing all day. Christian music has had this effect on me since my hostmother gave me a tape with contemporary christian popmusic, back in 1996, and though I´m a convinced believer of "I know I know nothing", and though said tape is so worn out you can barely listen to it anymore, it´s still among my most treasured posessions. And I like to discover new christian bands, because I like the devotion and enthusiasm they express in their music. And I like water-metaphores.


April K. said...

That's awesome! It's always so nice to be able to refelct on the things that lift us up, as opposed to always worrying about the stuff that brings us down. :)

Ray said...

I absolutely love NEEDTOBREATHE! They are awesome! :)

You should check out their song 'Let Us Love' if you haven't already.

alicia said...

I can't show you how big my smile is right now, but it is from ear to ear. Hearing your smiles made my day. Thanks so much for sharing and I love that song too!!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

This whole blog entry made me smile like crazy! I love this peek into your life.

Jennifer Juniper said...

That just made ME smile! How do you normally frost your cupcakes? I'd love to know :)