Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Trying hard to shine my light.

*this post will contain a free download, so stay with me*

This last week was... um... pretty exhausting. Or desastrous. I don´t want to go into all the deep, dark details, but let me just mention the mudd stained front of our house (work of my beloved twins, and yes, they did it on purpose), Ronja catching lice, Mehmet getting a concussion while falling from his chair during dinner, me having the worst toothache in years, oh, and it feels like I messed up everything I tried to craft.

But hey, this project turned out quite okay. Wasn´t my idea, though, but Samah´s.

So, basically, you need to take a material transparent enough to let the light shine, sturdy enough not to break too soon, and thin enough for your printer to take. Then you click on this image and then save it by rightclicking on it,

And this one, too, or you could just easily design your own lamps, by opening an empty file and writing something nice, inspiring, uplifting on it. The fonts I used are bleeding cowboys and celtic easel, both free at Dafont, a great source for fonts, if you don´t know it yet, go check it out.

Use a little glass around your candle, or the paper will easily catch fire. Guess why the word "your" is missing in my picture above? Yeah, right. So don´t say I didn´t warn you.

I also wanted to thank you all for the sweet responses I got to my smile crusade post (scroll down). I know this post doesn´t exactly sound like I´ve been succesfully hunting smiles last week, but actually I have, and I´ll post about it. You know, them, circle of your friends, will defend the silver lining... Ten points for the one who can identify where this line comes from... not from this song, which is my song for today: Nice, isn´t it?


nils Kockmann said...

the heart of life
you know even though i don't write back, your blog and your music keep inspiring me...
and eventually i will find time to write

HelenClyde said...

I´m sure time´s not the problem, but words, but that´s allright. And you can claim your ten points :)