Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pumpkins, Parties and Yvonne

Yep, I neglected this blog this week. One reason might be that I was simply busy, but usually that doesn´t keep me from blogging, on the contrary. And now, so many things I wanted to blog about piled up, and I´m afraid this blogpost will be even more overloaded and confusing as the last one was.  But hey, here I am,  this  is my sort of diary, even if it´s strangely public, and this is what I´ve been spending my time with:
We started with our traditional pumpkin carving, in fact it´s the fifth year we´re doing this, and the first time for the twins to be old enough to really participate. I know this stuff is random to you ladies from the U.S., but here in Germany, Halloween is still relatively small, it´s hard to get decorations in stores, and when it comes to Halloween Parties, there is close to nothing.
My boys were most fascinated by the sight of the glowing pumpkins in Ronjas dark bedroom.
But basically, this was the weekend of partying. Friday night was, again, the monthly date night of our local girls community. We are between 6 to 14 women, aged from 27 to 47, and we meet, once a month, in a small restaurant, dress up in our finest gear and discuss nuclear waste, the catholic church, good books and love in general all night long until we get thrown out, and then continue  talking on the sidewalk, feeling 16 years old again. I love those night, and I treasure that I finally, here in this town, found a community so big, so strong and so colorfull, for what seems like the first time in my life. So, this was me at two in the morning, right after finishing an extended discussion about Cornelia Funke´s style of writing:

Tell me, why am I doing such things? 
On Saturday night, we hired a babysitter. Yep, we did. We rarely ever do, because we always think the price we could afford wouldn´t be fair for the babysitter, as we have four children. But yesterday we did, because, remember, on my birthday, Tim gave me tickets to a concert. So we simply had to go. It was nice, I like the artist, only, that night, I was more in the mood for bouncing and dancing and banging my head instead of sitting and listening to cabaret - but who am I to complain, after all, it was quite fine to be just out as a couple.

And then, today, we took the kids to "world day of children." Actually, I´m not even sure if today is such a day, but our town decides every year to organize a huge event with ball pits and ponyriding and all sorts of different child related organisations promoting themselves. This is how it looks:  
I tried to focus on the stunning sky ;) When our kids are not overtired because they kept the babysitter awake till half past ten, it usually is a nice event. However, today, everyone was tired, but we had to go, because my husband´s political party had to distribute some merchandise there, as well. Do I sound like I approve of that? Or like I think political parties have any use on an event for children? Well... and then we went home, all tired and hungry, and my day turned around when I met HER. :)
This baby stood in a front yard, in the rain, supposed to be junk. It´s a nice original 70´s electrical organ, my mom had a real Hohner when I was little, and this is just a cheap thing called... well...
I´ve never, ever heard of this brand before, but my best childhood friend was called Yvonne, and so I took it as a sign... though, I would have brought this baby home no matter what, this adds nicely to our piano, violin, guitar, mandolin and harp. I just tried it, it´s fully functional, with all those cute 70´s effects, everything sounds like some jingles from long gone TV ads. I could instantly rock the sesame street jingle on her.  Yes, her. I mean, she has a female name, right? So it´s a lady. I´ll see if I can pretend to be Ingrid Michaelson in my basement now :) And, you know, it just was the nicest thing bringing it home, by foot, together with Tim:
Usually, he likes my music addiction about as much as I like his dedication to local politics, and I was sure he´d be opposed to taking it home. But he wasn´t. He even proposed to help me carry it home before I could even say a word, and it was so much fun. In fact, much better, and more bonding, than the concert the night before. We live up on a hill, and if you ever feel like you have some disagreements with your husband, carrying an old electrical organ is a great therapy. Really. It is. And now my arms and shoulders and back hurt, but I´m happy.
I´ll leave you with Biffy, I´m still listening to them: 

This song is a blast. I mean, everything, whether it´s wiping the floor or  taking a shower is so much better while singing "I´m on fire and I burn burn burn tonight!" like a freak, right?

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