Thursday, July 1, 2010

It´s my birthday!

Yeah, I´m officially 30 now, and these are my birthday presents:My husband let me sleep in and woke me with Ronja, carrying a tray with cake, 30 toffies, supercool handmade lavender soap bars and chocolate body butter and tickets for Bodo Wartke, that´s a german piano comedian I really like and always wanted to see live:
I spent the morning cleaning our house and doing laundry and baking cake and entertaining the twins, and in the afternoon, my friend Steffie and her daughter came and brought me that nice Lavender (yes, everyone knows I love lavender!), and we chatted and sat in the sun while the kids soaked themselves in mud untill they looked like Woodstock (and yes, I forgot taking a picture of that massacre.
My favourite song today is Ingrid again, I taught myself how to play that today as a personal birthday present. I put the capo on the fifth fret, and then I basically play E minor, C, G and B7, for both verse and chorus. With this you can play along to the whole song! So go, grab your guitar and try, and maybe you might even find someone who plays the dining table drum for you :-)

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