Monday, September 27, 2010

I have a job.

Strange, right? Next week, I´m starting to work in Ronja´s school, two hours each afternoon, to help with homework and play games and do crafts with the kids. I know, two hours doesn´t sound like much, but as it´s in the afternoon, I practically have to beam myself from Mehmet and Miro´s daycare to the school and back, and I´m not really sure I how I will be able to continue my current scedule of not only the neverending chain of housework, but also the things I love: Practising on one of my various instruments for at least an hour a day, writing my book in between, teaching my daughters how to sew, reading cheesy books or baking with the boys, like we did today.
I mean, when I was a teenager, I always was between a myriad of jobs. I carried newspapers, babysat, gave English lessons to a club of old ladies or worked in a factory for waterpipes, all to finance my yearly trip to the U.K. But after that - I was a mom. I went to university, right, but I never, ever, had a paid regular job after that, so this feels... strange. Like a lot of sceduled responsibilty. I know, every grown up has to get used to this, but... hey, for me it´s a big adventure. And I only just learned that I really, actually have to do this job, after I came back from Mehmet and Miros Kindergarten and told them I´d be able to organize a monthly afternoon for international cooking and another afternoon for felting... and what about my storytime in the library? Gosh, I wish I had twice as much hours to live.
My music for today might slightly stand in contrast to my extended Biffy Clyro period :) :
I taught myself how to play this today, well, in C. Pachebel´s Canon in C, right? That´s my comfort scale for playing by ear :) But I need to practice the D-version as well, because my Eva can play, at least parts of it, on her violin by sheet. By sheet! I mean, come on, in all my life, with all the dedication I put into my music, I´ve never been able to play anything free from music sheets, and now my eight year old just owns me? So unfair. And I apologize for my shameless mother pride :)

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