Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Can´t I name all my posts the same?

Because I´d also like to title this post "Shine your light" :)

Mehmet just went off to his first playdate all alone, and he left his brother behind, so I got to think of something to entertain him. I decided to do this craft I think I still remember from my own kindergarten, and I did it with the children I babysat, and with the kids groups I had in summer camp, and with my own daughters. So now it was Miros turn to tear some paper...
And glue it to a glass...
until he ended up with this shining beauty: 
Usually I take wallpaper paste, but as I didn´t have any, I took what I think you call Elmer´s glue - white stuff that doesn´t smell and dries transparent?
But now  my Ronja´s back from school, and, as you can see through our kitchen window, the sun outside is just amazing, so we´ll be off to our "green house", as my children decided to call the meadow we constanty visit at the moment. I got to use those last days before I start working, and before winter starts!

My music for today is: 
I guess by now everyone knows I´m in love with Ingrid Michaelson? Well, today I received a free coupon for a music download portal, so I checked that site for Ingrid songs I didn´t know yet and found this one. It really takes me into the mood to dance... sweeep, sweep sweep, me off my feet... love this!

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