Thursday, September 30, 2010

Animals, life and death.

So yesterday we went to our meadow again (now I sound like Bella Swan ;) )  I also thought I wouldn´t  post pictures of it again, because I think you´ve seen it quite often those last weeks. But yesterday was just too beautiful. We collected sorrel, because it´s leaves were drier than the grass, and Ronja made a bed of it to sit on.
And while we sat in the sorrel, a 14 year girl approached us with her own horse and asked Ronja if she´d like to ride. Just like that, without paying and helmets and saddles. So this was a little like christmas.  
She took both our girls for an extended ride, actually Eva rode for almost an hour through the woods, while this girl explained to her what kind of grass horses like to eat, and how old they become, and how old her horse is and how she got it. I mean, we just stepped out of our door and got a complete educational surprise fun event - how cool is that?
We walked home, all happy and tired, and I began to cook some experimental Marrocanian soup, and while I was in the kitchen cutting tomatoes, The Cat carried in a mouse.

This is the stray cat we adopted a couple of weeks ago. I know cats are supposed to do this. I know they present their prey as gifts. It still freaks me out. Luckily there was Eva, who took care of the whole thing. She assembled all her siblings, and as soon as she realized the mouse was injured, but alive, she gave them all several tasks. Keep the cat away. Get that empty fishtank. And some paper towels. And cheese. She organized a complete hospice for that poor, dying creature, while I felt... pretty helpless. I mean, I know, for the mouse it would have been best I had just killed her right away. Or let the cat do the job. But I can´t kill anything. And I surely don´t want my children to witness it.  
I know a living (or, actually dying) creature is no toy, and I believe it might have been stressfull for the mouse, but I liked the way my kids handled the situation. If this is how they will handle my own death one day, I´m perfectly fine with it, even if it might be stressfull. At least the mouse had a warm and cozy place to die, up high on the piano where the cat couldn´t reach it, and I wasn´t playing :)
And when my girls come back from school, it will be funeral time.Who needs schools if life is like this?

Music for today is norwegian: 
Jeg elsker norge. But, just in case anyone from Norway happens to come here, could you please tell me what the song is about? For jeg kan snakker bare litt norsk, so I only understand parts of it, and they sound intresting.

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