Thursday, September 23, 2010

Natural paintings and the beginning of Halloween

There´s an absolute stunning storm outside, right now. Dramatic lighning, thunder and rain. Very, very beautiful, even if that might mean those last hot and sunny days we enjoyed are finally over.

Yesterday, we tried to paint with nothing but grass, flowers, berries and dirt - stuff we picked up at our favourite spot. The colors are not very intense, but it turned out quite nice, and it brought us to a long talk about how painters did their work centuries ago. After our trip to Calais was such a huge succes, I´m planning on going to Paris next year, just me and the girls, to take them to the Louvre, and I think I could do some research on ancient means of creating paint.
We also jumpstarted Halloween. There are 15 children alone in those five houses of our neighbourhood community, so I thought it´d be a good idea to have such a sweetwreath on our front door. I saw this project on several websites, and it was fun trying it. And actually, it wasn´t too hard saving those sweets from my kids. They really understood that right now, they are for decorative purpose. My husband´s a whole different cup of tea, though. :)

I was reading witchcrafttales in the library today, but in fact the weather was far too nice to be inside. There were only 12 children, and it got pretty hot under my improvised head cloth. I was glad when we were home for some nice old school playing on the streets. And, gosh, do I actually look cross-eyed on that camera screen in that picture? I think I do. Well, I took it in an elevator, so I had to be quick.

Oh, and I actually got a job offered today! Yep, that then would be my first regular, paid job at the age of 30. Sigh. Ronjas teacher asked me about how I´d feel to work in school, to help with homework and entertain the kids in the afternoons. I´d love to do that job. The only problem is that I seriously have now idea where to put my twins. But on the other hand, I think I just have to find a solution, because getting my foot in the door of a school would take me a small, but definite step closer to being a teacher. It would change something, I believe. Even though it collides a lot with everything else. Not to mention my tiny sparks of plans to go back to university. Well, I´ll see where life will take me.

I´m still undecided on the song I add to this post. I´m listening to Biffy Clyro all the time these days, because I like to use the atmosphere they create in their music for writing. Oh, and because I´m just in love with that scottish accent. And the singer looks very sexy, too :) I think this one´s my current favourite:
Though, thinking about it, this is nothing compared to Many of Horror, or The Captain. Well, for that second song, I have to admit I like the video even more than the song :)We saw them live at PinkPop, and I was so looking forward to them, but then they were the loudest band I had ever heard, which really spoiled it. I mean, it´s not that I´m a whim. I saw Metallica and Greenday live, and I never needed to cover my ears with both hands even though I had plugs in allready. I also wasn´t afraid something inside my body would burst just because of the vibrations of sound in the air. My theory is that this is because those red heads are twin brothers. Twin brothers, making all the noise. Yep, that must be it.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the job offer! I am out looking as well but for different reasons. LOL.

Halloween starts Sept 1 here.. it takes that long to get it all out of my system.

Veelana said...

There's an award waiting for you on my blog - please come on over and pick it up!


Veelana said...

wrong link! I'm very sorry...