Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So much to do, to love, to live... little to blog. This week is filled, filled with work and dates and things to do and problems to solve. We had information night´s at school this week, and another two to come next week, because the schoolyear just began for all four of them, and Eva also will change school next year.
My husband has three dates for his political party to fit in somewhere and I see him at seven in the morning, and and at ten when I go to bed.
Yesterday, we had Eva´s violin lesson, Ronja´s harp lesson and the boys´ musical education all on one day, and scouts afterwards, because they had to rescedule something.
Ronja was assigned to a science group that´s only for 3rd graders even if she is the youngest in her second grade, and... ahem.. we are all bursting with pride.
Mehmet and Miro got a new haircut I didn´t even take a picture of, because someone smeared the lense of my camera with banana. Oh, and Mehmet told the hairdresser that she´s pretty old and has to die soon, because people die when they are old. Luckily she took it with humor. Sigh. And Miro told his music teacher he thinks she´s the most beautiful woman and he wants to marry her. Which she took with humor, too. I tried to take a picture of him in his music class, but he´s always in motion, so that was close to impossible: Looks a little like wings, right?
And when we came home, Ronja had to cry because she has some trouble with her former best friend, so we spent two hours yesterday night discussing... well.. life, and people´s behavior, and how to cope with it when someone turns his back on you - even if it might be temporary.

And even though it was stressfull, it made me happy. It made me feel real good to be the mom to these four different people, to be there for them and do my job. This is my job, and yesterday, I felt like I gave everything, and it was worth it. Yesterday, I felt like supermom, despite all circumstances. I don´t always do.

Oh, and in the evenings, I finally picked up my writing again. I haven´t written a lot since around my birthday, and I missed it, but it suddenly began to feel... strange to write. This writing thing is becoming way too personal, but it´s exciting, and it feels like it´s changing me from inside. So, in those last days, I managed to write about ten pages and to like them. And I have thoughts in my mind about going back to university, though I really don´t know how to fit that in. And right now, they are only thoughts, anyway.

But today´s afternoon is blocked to make jack-o-lanterns and go to our favourite spot again. No sceduled dates. No running. Just me and my kids.

Music: I love Amy Kuney, but somehow, I never posted any of her songs here. Now I do. This video almost made me shed some tears. Ok. Not almost. If it, for some reason, doesn´t fit on this screen, then watch it on youtube. Go there right now. and watch the whole thing through, and get carried away. And then, go think what you would hope for. I´m having a hard time figuring that out right now, there are so many things :)

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