Sunday, September 19, 2010

Good Night

Just took this pic some hours ago before reading their bedtime story. (Terry Pratchett, The Johnny Maxwell Trilogy). Miro fell asleep during dinner just minutes before, so it was just the three of them, and Mehmet obviously enjoyed all the female attention.

And yes, I also needed an excuse to post my daily song. I love how productive Sam Tsui is at the moment, and whenever he´s putting a new video on youtube, it feels like a huge online party:
Yep, this is totally cheesy. I know. But.. well.. good cheese. As usually, I don´t care much about the original, but sung by THIS voice, I take everything. I have to listen with headphones on all night because my husband can´t stand to listen to it for the um... 200th time :) And the lighting! Just enjoy the lighting in this video! This is my piano project for next week!

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