Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Another take on color today, a tasty one this time - want the recipe for this delicous smoothie? For six portions you need
- 3 apples
- 3 kiwis
- some fresh peppermint leaves
- yoghurt
- soda water
- honey or cane sugar to sweeten.

Cut the fruit into small pieces, throw into your blender with the other ingredients, or, if you haven´t like me, in a mixing bowl and mix with your masher. Enjoy!

Want more green? What about my new favourite salad-dressing recipe I learned in the south? I made this dressing now three days in a row, and it was always gone :-) It contains:
- Avocado
- Spring onions
- Garlic (lots!)
- Olive oil
- Balsamico
- A little sweet cream
- A little mustard
- Salt and Pepper

Yeah, again, mix everything. You don´t need to mash the avocado, they taste delicios when you cut them into little pieces. Pour everything over your favorite green salad... did you ever notice salad looks like stars when cut open? I love seing beauty in the ordinary! And I love summer holidays, giving me time to experiment with food. And time for everything else. Just time.

As this is my second post today, I allready had my song of the day. But I like this one just the same: Please don´t feel... well... offended? by the cover. I think it´s a fascinating, innovative song, I love the repetetive element of that line "I just wish we all could betray", and the staccato voice, and his scottish accent. I saw Biffy live, at PinkPop, and I´m glad I found out about them.


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