Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Do you like finding things? Collecting stuff? Filling your home with items you could reuse or upsicle or simply collect? Does this drive the persons living with you crazy? Last week when we were in the south, Eva and I found this beauty on a dumpster: Ok, the glass ball is cracked, but I think we could mod-podge that with some nice scrapping paper? And add some acrylic paint to the bottom?
Then, yesterday, we found a new second hand store that had opened in our small town, that was actually called "Needfull things". I know the shopkeeper used this name to achieve the exact effect he achieved with me - pulling me into that store. I found, for two Euros, can you believe it, this gem:
I like old books. I could never make such things as this. Pure satanism, to me, no matter how nice it might look. I only have a very small collection of old books, and this one, being from 1905, is my oldest now. I collect only books that have a value to me, apart from their possible financial value, which I don´t care about. I chose this one yesterday because we read Schiller when I was in school, and I had sort of a crush on him. And I love art deco, this cover looks awesome. And look, there´s a stamp and a personal note written on the inside: Reading those words, written 105 years ago, makes me feel connected to all those people who lived before me. It makes me feel like... like I could time travel. I read in it yesterday. Oh my, the young Schiller wrote pretty cheesy stuff :-)
Oh, and I also found something else: This box cost me one Euro, I bought a whole bunch of them, and now I´m sorting all my ribbons and buttons and zippers and elastics I have lying around here. They fit nicely into my black and white scheme, don´t they?
And my musical find for today is: Melissa auf der Maur played, I think, bass in Courtney Love´s band Hole. I adored Courtney Love when I was younger. No, I still do. Come on, when you survived the intense, extraordinairy intro, it´s quite a cool song :-)

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Purple Froggie Clay Stuff said...

Great idea on the box. You have such a lovely family.. I followed you over from Blog Frog, I'm following your blog here too!