Monday, August 16, 2010

Color inspiration.

So, I visited Alisa Burke´s post on keeping a color journal, and I was pretty impressed. I mean, she´s an exceptional creative women, and I have admired her work for quite a while now. This post about color made me think about what colors I include in my life, and how, and why, and I came to the conclusion that I tend to avoid colors - I´m quite a black and white person. I know I wouldn´t have the persistence, or the creativity, or the experience to build such a usefull, beautifull journal, but I can start small, right? So today, I grabbed my camera and walked through my home in order to catch things in my favourite color combo - black/white. From the left to the right, that is:
- My favourite clothes - a patterned dress, a soft black sweater, the good ol´Pali scraf and black leather pants
- the wallpaper in our living room
- The fabric squares in our kitchen
- Words in books
- The keys of my piano I got on ebay for 80 Euros
- The pirate banner in Ronjas room
- The Ikea-lampshade I found for two Euros and still have to give a use
- Butterflys I cut from vinyl and added to our bathroom wall
- Fake cow fabric I once stapled to my rocking chair, back when I was 16 years old

And I have one more to add: This is our bedroom wall. Apart from all political debates I surely do not want to open now, isn´t "Yes we can" a nice thought to wake up with, every morning? Thinking "Nope, I just can´t get up now to another day of cleaning the kitchen only to see it messed up after dinner again, to another day of fighting twins and homework to do and washloads to wash?" YES, WE CAN! We strongly believe that, and so we actually do. Can, I mean :-)

Oh, and my music for today. Didn´t I just say it´s all about believing? Not even I believe I did a good job on this, neither do I believe it´s a good idea posting it here. Still, I´m bursting with pride I managed to play through the whole song, even though my twins were fighting during the first minute (Tim calmed them soon), so... this is me :)

Yeah, I know. Sorry. And because you deserve some proper music after this, I might add Pomplamoose´s Favourite Things, just because it suits this post so well:

And with this, I´m off to Freiburg. I guess I´ll be back on Friday, so I have a free Friday and a free Saturday all on my own, without kids and husband. I haven´t had that since March last year. And I just figured I think I´m hitchhiking back. I mean, it´s boring spending eight hours on the train when you can spend your time with some interesting people in a car, and the way back will only take five hours by car :-) Adventures, here I come :-)

Expect my next blogpost, with lots of pictures, maybe from Freiburg, or after my glorious hitchhiking trip :-) Hugs,

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