Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer´s almost gone...

(no, this is no advertisement. Though I love the matching colors of her outfit and the cup :-) )
and, with it, the beautifull six weeks of summerholidays, those lazy, cozy days we spent unstructered and free, going to places when we felt like it, messing around in our kitchen, meeting with friends or my 83 year old gran (who, by the way, totally rocks!),
We really filled these six weeks of summer, going to Calais and to Freiburg, showing our kids the mountains and the sea, baking and cooking and sewing and crafting and reading and talking and learning, and sleeping out, and I absolutely loath that school begins again on Monday and my girls have to go back to school. If I wasn´t here in Germany, where homeschooling is illegal, believe me, I´d be a homeschooling mom. I intensly believe my girls would have learned the same things, or probably more, if they had spent those years at home. But hey, they gain social competence at school, I guess. I hope.

Today, by the way, was my monthly story time at the library. If you happen to live in Leverkusen, you can just come on any Thursday and listen to one of us library girls reading, and once a month it´s my turn. Sometimes reading gets hard, especially that one time when there were 63 children, but today I got lucky, there were around 15 nice and sweet children and reading was pure joy. I read a Grimm brother´s tale, the golden goose. It´s not too well known, and I love helping to keep it alive.

Now, there´s this one weekend of our summerholiday left, we´ll spend it in Münster, as my mother in law is celebrating her birthday and we might meet with some friends. And on Sunday, there´s fabric fair in our town, hopefully I´ll be back in time to catch some cool new fabric :-)

Musically speaking, I´ve just fallen in love with this song: Nickelcreek was pretty much the first band I fell in love with when I came back to listening to music at all, after six years of changing diapers and sleep deprivation, when I began to find myself again. Their song When in Rome is definetely on my top ten ever list, and I adore the video. However, I´ve always skipped Helena. Don´t know why. I mean, how could I have missed this energetic mandolin playing, this angry "I´ll always be just fine"? I simply adore it :-)


Jennifer Juniper said...

Oh, I love this song but I've never heard it before! I'll have to get this CD :)

Angie said...

Love your blog!