Saturday, June 12, 2010

Soap, Cake and Mark Owen

This was, after all the partying the past weeks, a nice and calm week.
Oh my gosh my hands do look old!
I spent some time making soapballs with Miro, a project I wanted to do for a very, very long time and that takes us on the road of christmas presents for this year. We just grated some soap, added some water and foodcoloring (not too much, you don´t want to get your hands stained from washing them), put the stuff into the microwave for about a minute ( I don´t know if that´s necessary, but it felt nice and made foamy bubbles), and then we formed balls from it. Super easy and quick, and it made our kitchen smell so beautifull! I guess you could also add some fragrances, or spices, but we just took what we had at home, and were fine with it. In case you´re wondering what we intended to do with the icecube tray - I first thought we could also make some soapy stars, but the "dough" we came up with wasn´t fluid enough to do that.
While Miro and I were making soap, Eva had her new friend over, and I was pretty surprised when the two of them asked if they were allowed to bake a cake - of course they were, and I was even more surprised when Evas friend pulled a whole recipe out off her head, which turned out actually quite delicious!They didn´t need the slightest bit of help from me, and they weren´t even messy! Guess her new friend can come to our house any time :-)

And my music for today is a lot: I was such a Take That freak when I was about, 14, 15 years old. Ok, maybe I still am. When I get songs like that, I definitly am! I only just found out about this song, and that was because I´m still watching Pomplamoose videos: I can´t decide which version I like more, they both have their qualities. I spent about six hours yesterday learning how to play it on the guitar by ear, as I couldn´t find any tabs, and this morning my first move was to learn it on the piano, too. Now I only need Markie to sing along with me :-) I mean, he´s 38 now, but hey, does that matter? Want another one? Yeah, come on and clap with me! Tim and I just tried dancing Foxtrott to this, and it works fine. See, I´ve got a husband who dances Foxtrott with me to Take That songs. Am I lucky?

And, as it´s confession time, did I ever show you my very first tattoo, the one I got for five quid when I was fifteen, at a Cornish tattooparlor, pretending I was 18? It´s pretty hard to find a recent photo of the... um... original, but... um... I took the immense trouble of finding one :-) *Big smile here*
Will you look at the tattoo, and not on where he´s got his hands? (*asking me why he´s got them there, by the way...*)
So, fifteen years (and three pregnancies) later, I still wear my tattoo with pride, and by now I know my immense childishness will never fade :-)

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