Sunday, June 6, 2010


This year, both my husband and I celebrate our 30th birthday. His was one month ago, and mine is next month, so we decided to meet in the middle and celebrate a huge summerparty.

We wanted it to be really bright and trashy and colorfull, so we got lots of terrible plastic stuff that isn´t exactly good for our carbon footprint...
rented a bar and tables and bought tons of food and fancy drinks,
let the twins sleep in advance so they could stay up long

And we invited everyone we randomly like :-)
I didn´t manage to take lots of pictures during the party itself, only before and at the beginning. However, when we went to bed at half past 2 and counted, we figured we had about 40 grown up guests - and 25 kids, eldest of them 11. We rocked!
I´m glad we have a huge garden and the weather was awesome. They were running around until dark, splashing and bouncing and eating unhealthy sweet stuff, and when it was dark, the elder ones went to the woods behind our house for a walk with torches.
For me, the nicest part of the party was in the end, when we were sitting outside in the dark, torches lit, my little brother was playing the Djembe, which he is pretty good at, even when he´s drunk, and my eldest friend and I were passing around the guitar and singing like we did when we were 16.
We had 7 people here overnight, and it was very sweet having breakfast in the summersun, everyone slightly tired, but well, I never drink any alcohol at all, so I was pretty fine myself :-)
And after breakfast, my friend, who´s a trained tailor and studies fashion design at the moment showed me some tricks about easy shirring and we started on a new dress for Ronja - so I might be posting some pictures again, soon :-)
My song for today is:
So, did that sound nice and sunny? I knew I could do it :-)

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