Thursday, June 3, 2010


We´ve got about a thousand things to do at the moment. Like washing all those piles of laundry from last weekend, preparing our party (on Saturday), cleaning our house... you get it.
But well, we´ve waited so long for spring to arrive, and here it is! Last week my husband found this place, a valley that is actually just a ten minutes drive from our house, and as our inlaws gave us their car for a coupple of weeks, it was easy to go there. The twins were uber excited that we took a boat...
threw stones and pebbles and shoes and waded in the water.
And now they are (hopefully) all going to sleep in a tent in our garden, right now they are brushing their teeth outside, so it feels like real vacations. Summer is so much better than the rest of the year!
My music for today is: I know those guys aren´t exactly looking like summer, but man, they do rock! I like Chris Thile for quite a while now, and I´m looking forward to the new Punchbrothers album a lot.

Our big party is on Saturday. We´ve prepared nothing, but everyone´s welcome. See you then :-)

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