Monday, May 31, 2010


To quote the last sentence of one of my favourite books - All was well :-)

All kids were fine and so was I :-) We took our kids to our friends, where they, apparently, enjoyed themselves,
then we hit the road and went to the Netherlands, to PinkPop festival. I won´t mention how we thought our car broke on the way there, or how we got about four calls on our mobile, everytime thinking - "There! We gotta go back!" , but each call was false alarm. I also won´t mention how we spent hours in traffic Jam, got lost, then had to walk nearly an hour with all our stuff through hot summer sun untill we reached our campsite.
But hey, it was worth all the trouble. It was so brilliant hitting the festival, seeing all the masses of people and then bouncing in, becoming part of the crowd and the music.
And then came Saturday, and I basically spent the whole day keeping my position in the front row, waiting in the sunshine, to be there for this:
It was... mindblowing. It was a fantastic experience to be there, in the front row, together with all these screaming, pushing people, to know all female persons around you are thinking the same, (something along the lines of... why can´t I be that guitar?) everyone singing along and knowing every line of the lyrics by heart. He didn´t play that new song I was hoping for, but he played Bigger than my Body, and No such thing, which was quite a positive surprise. Here´s another one: I thought I´d film myself, but than, well, I just was to busy watching the show, enjoying those few minutes I had after waiting for so long. And the microphone in my camera isn´t equipped for basses like this, either.
We also saw other bands, of course. My husband especially enjoyed Green Day, and we both liked Motörhead (yes, I did :-) ), and Biffy Clyro is really great and would have been awesome, if only they wouldn´t have been so loud the basses were influencing my breathing and vibrating through my whole body :-) However, the singer looks delicious, so here´s a vid from them, too, of one of their, umm... more quiet songs:
So, it was a pretty cool weekend. Feeling young again, playing cards with my husband in the summersun and dancing so much I can still feel my legs.

So, who says I can´t be free? :-)

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Dana said...

AWESOME! Wow, I am so happy for you that you were able to make it!