Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just some music...

...I wanted to share:
I did like this song before, but I like his cover a lot more. This is the magic of youtube - I get to know artists I´d otherwise never find out about. Youtube saves me from radio-mainstream :-)
This is an awesome artist I just discovered, listen to his cover of "The Climb", he makes it a totally new (and better) song. And he´s giving away his music for free, completly legal, so that´s something to like, right? Here´s the Link: Free songs from Gavin

Apart from that, this wasn´t exactly the best of days in our house. I told you about the concerts I plan to go to, right? The first festival after nine years, tickets lying here ready for six months, babysitters for all kids organized, and I´ve even been dreaming about it. Well...
This morning I woke up with a fever. Rain is pouring down all day long, and the weatherforecast doesn´t look too convincing. But well, that wouldn´t stop me, right? I´d be in the front row even if I had to hire a wheelchair, I promise.
But to top it all off, Mehmet got just sick today. I mean, does it have to be this day? After being fully healthy for the last... well... 10 months? I keep my fingers crossed it all works out fine. There are still... well... two days. Sigh. I´m going to read Inkheart to y girls now and hope the lovely language of Cornelia Funke floods me with happiness, no matter what. Next time I post, I seriously hope it´s with lots of pictures from healthy children and a fine concert!