Thursday, June 17, 2010

A day off

... is such a joy. Today my girls had a day off school, and even though poor Tim had to go to work and earn some money, it was so nice to live a whole day without any structure. Eva woke me up around seven in the morning because she was playing on the harp...And allthough I love to sleep long, she can do this anytime. It´s Ronjas harp, officially, but Eva plays it a lot more. Like she plays the piano. And her violin. My husband begins to complain there´s always sounds in our home, but I love to listen to her developing into something like a little me, only an improved, more structured and more intelligent version. We continued the day, staying in pajamas until noon...when we made icecream from fruit, and tea from camomile Ronja picked in our garden, and then my friend came over with her two sons, and we chatted in the garden and played a little guitar and got tanned, and Evas friend Bente joined us, and the girls built the largest straw chain ever, and then we babysat the two sons of my friend a little, meaning Ronja playing with little Jona, while Eva read to the three big boys, so I could cook dinner for all our seven kids and my hungry husband.
I love living here, living this way. I´m thankfull we moved to this part of our town, where we have a garden to run and to pick camomile in, and where friends can come over walking by foot, and actually do come in. And I love summer, but well, I mentioned that before, did I?
My music for today is someone I allready showed you, but I just can´t get enough of his music: It was hard to choose a song for today, because I´m listening to all songs he ever published all day long, and I love them all. This one probably made it because of its beautifull lyrics, and because of the video. I love watching male hands on a piano :-)

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