Saturday, June 19, 2010

Home is...

...where heart is, and sometimes I think, my home is at so many places.
Yesterday I took the train to Bielefeld, where we lived before we moved here, and I visited Franziska and her family. Meeting Franziska back then, 8 years ago, was an experience we both count as one of the most fascinating in our lives.
You know, I used to carry all my kids in a sling, like so:
It´s common now, but it wasn´t back then, and I got lots of nasty comments. And then I met Franziska in the underground, wearing her son, who is exactly Evas age, in a sling of the exact color, holding books in her hand I had all read, just coming back from the library, where she unsuccesfully had searched for a book that was my favourite and I had at home. We had talked for two train stations and I invited her to my home, and we quickly found out we also studied a very similar subject and lived in the same street, though we had never met before. I´ll spare you more details, but our friendship continued involving several fascinating coincidences like that. When Ronja was born, I had the same midwife Franziska had for her children, and being pretty much on the same page in most issues like nursing, homebirth, health and food issues and spirituality, it was just great to find a female counterpart to harmonize with. That´s Eva and Franziskas son, a long, long, time ago. Man, I did miss this family when we moved here, five years ago.
I´m pretty poor at staying in contact with people, especially when long distances and time is involved, but somehow, we managed not to loose each other. So, yesterday, we danced together untill three in the morning, and we had so many words to exchange that we´re still not through with everything. Her kids have grown a lot, (don´t old women like me always say something like that?) but they remembered me and cuddled a lot (especially Lotte), and they felt... well.. just like mine. I had to go home in the morning, because Eva gave a concert and I had to admire her (which was sweet, of course), but I wish I could see Franziska more often. Introduce her to all the fantastic people who now make this place home for me. So, I didn´t take any pictures, but I still feel like my heart is flowing over.
Oh, and music. There´s no music today. I have several songs in mind, but none of them matching this post, or so totally, completely cheesy even I´d be embarressed.
So I just leave it at this. *Edited*
Nah, wait. Just found one.This is the last song we danced to :-)

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