Sunday, May 9, 2010


... I´ve got a new camera, so I can post again. Of course my new camera ia again the cheapest baby available on the market, but hey, now I can show you what I got for mother´s day:
That´s a poem Eva made in school, and Ronja gave me a bookmark. I also wanted to show you that vinyl bowl we´ve made:
We used the instruction from Homemade mamas, and I prefered the unpainted version, because I love that you can still see it was a record. And we don´t use it for plants, but for cookies. However, is bowl the correct term for this? Or do you native speakers use another word?
But the best thing about my new camera is that it can make little films. Eva just got a new violin teacher who introduced us to the suzuki method, and I´ve got the feeling that she played more in those last days than she did all year before. She wakes me up with her violin, and I have to tell her to shut it at half past 9 because there´s scool the other day. Three days ago, I would have thought that impossible. Oh, and she could barely play one or two songs. Now we have a repertoire of 8 songs, and we can play together. It makes me blush how I´m showing off with her, but hey, today´s mother´s day, so I can do that, once, okay? And what is this blog good for if not for showing off my children :-)))
So, I was embarressingly smug enough to upload our screeching on youtube (and, yeah, me stumbling on the piano is probably the most embarressing thing), so you can see it here:

Yeah, we need a metronome :-) And her nose is blue because she wanted to paint it before... god knows why :-)
Now you deserve some real music:
I love this band. And I so envy them for their talent.

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