Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just finished reading "This body of death"...

... and I feel the urge to dicuss this book with someone else. Only, none of my friends happens to read Elizabeth George, even though I heavily try to convert them :-)
This book was... quite good. I feel a little unsure about how she used a real life story, giving most of the participants in this story are still alife. But then... I love how the different strings of action perfectly intertwined, how I could see everything and how I really felt connected with both the characters and the author herself. Her use of language is very thought through, witty and poetical, and much more advanced to what I usually read.

That being said, and without giving away too much of the book´s contents, I must state that I´m not pleased with how the personal life of my favourite characters is developing - neither Barbara Haver´s nor Thomas Linley´s. I do not like that Isabelle Ardery. And I´d loved to hear more from the St. Jameses. I´m a sucker for Simon St. James, I always was.

So, now it´s another long wait for the next book, and I´m tydiing up my messy house now, doing the laundry and everything I have neglected the last few days. Sigh.

I´m sorry for those of you (the majority, I guess) who are not such Elizabeth George-Groupies as I am. My next post will be normal again, as soon as I´ve fully come back to reality. No music for today. No pictures. Nothing even remotely crafty. Just walking in literaric clouds.

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