Friday, April 16, 2010

I´m reading...

This beauty arrived yesterday, and, well, it´s sort of an obligation for me to see what Inspector Lynley is doing now without his beloved Lady Helen Clyde, right?

And honestly, Elizabeth George is an amazing writer. I can see and and hear and taste and smell everything she writes, she doesn´t even need a lot of words to take you where she wants you to be. And she easily handles multiple characters, all different and unique, an ability I really learned to treasure since I tried to do that myself. Oh, and I love that all her books play in Great Britain, preferably in Cornwall, where I first met my husband :-)
So, join me for a cup of tea?

It might be a coincidence this song popped up in my youtube recommendations this morning - I listened to it while reading Elizabeth Georges last novel, several years ago, when we only just moved here and I knew nobody. I felt really lost and lonely, and this music, toghether with my beloved novels, was a piece of home to me.
Oh, and when you listen to it - enjoy the beautiful pictures.

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Dana said...

Ich habe Dir eine Nachricht über Scrapbookflair geschickt. Habe meine Blogadresse geändert.
Ich LIEBE das "Cherry dress". Und Eva sieht aus wie ein kleines Supermodel! Total schön!!!