Saturday, April 10, 2010

Growing carrots and butterflies :-)

The girls are back from their short eastervacation with oma and opa, and the sun is shining bright and splendid, so we enjoy our garden! This is my first attempt at growing something edible:
I planted lettuce and carrots and radish and several herbs, but there´s nothing to see yet - that´s what I hate about gardening. You work and work, and the reward isn´t instantly, like when you finished sewing a dress and you get to wear it, but it comes months later. Maybe.
I never had a garden before, and I´m still not sure whether I like it, but at days like this, it´s lots of fun:
That´s Tim, trying to build a tipi from young willows. We´ll see how that one works out, too.
Oh, and what was that with the butterflies?That´s our bathroomwall. I cut them from black contact paper - originally I had planned to do a different layout, something with laundry hanging on a line, but that beautiful Jason Mraz song last week convinced me that butterflies are something very, very sexy. I got the shapes at Don´t eat the paste, and I cut them as I go, one or two at a time, and attach them before brushing my teeth :-) I guess I´ll make some more, as well.
My music for today is Lifehouse. I can´t believe I never heard about them before, I simply can´t. I love every single song they make, but this one might be my current favourite: I love to listen to it while writing. So very, very sweet and romantic!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

I love Lifehouse, too! I have an old CD from about 5 years ago.

Those butterflies made my heart sing!