Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What I´m up to right now.

So, last Sunday was Fabric Fair time in our town, and of course, I spent my 15 Euros:

I intent making a dress from it for Eva, my eldest daughter, and I already began:

Now it needs a nice big and fluffy skirt from the black polka dot fabric, with a tutu underneath, made with this easy no sew technique I see flying around everywhere on the net. And maybe a red bow in the middle, and I could make a little cherry charm necklace from polymere clay. That´s the plan.
However, I´m not sewing anything at the moment, as I got caught up writing part two of my book. It´s a little useless, spending hours and hours writing something I never intend to make any money with, but it´s such a joy. I love to drown in my own fictional world, and if any of you have felt the desire to escape sometime, I can only encourage you - go, write a book. There´s so much to find out about yourself, and it´s so much fun to let a story unfold itsself, without you conciously knowing where it will go. Our house is a mess, and I still have to go shopping for groceries, but right now, I think there´s hardly anything better.
Necessarily, my music for today is this: I wish I could do that. Oh, I so wish, really. This is like magic. Well, actually, I know it´s more practice than magic, but still... wowzers.

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