Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mail :-)

We got mail today. Wanna see what´s in there?
Okay, it´s a harp. Ronja decided a few months ago that her heartwish is to play the celtic harp. I don´t know where she got that from, and I don´t know how long she will stick to this decision.

We tried to convince her to start with something more common, like the recorder, or the piano, or the guitar, something we wouldn´t have to buy but could rent, or allready had at home... She told us she either wants to play the harp, or the drums. Yeah, that´s how Ronja works. Then she wrote us a list of all the instruments she thinks are crap, so... well...

But when it comes to instruments, it doesn´t take much to convince me. This baby is so out of tune, so now I´m searching the net for instructions on how to tune a harp without completly wrecking it. I could ask her teacher, but it can´t be that much harder than tuning a guitar or a mandolin, right? So, let´s try. Though...
I think, right now, I don´t have access to it, as Miro is playing a sad sad song about a little duckling that has no parents at all... at least that´s what he´s singing :-))) Ronja herself is still on vacation with her grandparents right now, she and Eva are spending their Easterholidays in the Netherlands, camping, so at the moment it´s only me and all my boys. Sigh.

My song for today should probably be something on the harp, but that´s Ronjas instrument, not mine. I´m learning this song on the piano: It´s pretty easy, in the key of C and lovely to sing along to. My other favourite song of this week is one you should better not listen to when your kids are in the room: This is the best quality available on youtube, and it´s with Chris Thile, but I got the albumversion last week, and that´s pretty cool, too. I´m listening to it all the time, and I´m really glad my twins don´t understand a word :-)
And when you ever get tired of me posting pics with my kids and our growing instrument-collection, just tell me :-)
See you!

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