Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our new family member :-)

Isn´t it the most beautiful thing there ever was? Nope, it´s no fancy brand super duper tuned piano, just a 90 year old crappy thing that spent most of its life in a pub and cost me 81 Euros on Ebay. And it´s such a joy! It was occupied by someone almost every minute of today, I know that will fade with time, but right now I´m happy we have neighbours on every side who treasure music (one piano teacher and one violin teacher, actually), and they all have kids, so nobody will complain when the twins go rocking... or when Ronja "composes" her Opera, or when Eva tries to learn her first Waltz, or when I play my Ingrid Michaelson songs and sing along loud.

My headaches are better now, after spending the last days resting and reading, and I suppose I´ll be fit enough to sew that purse tomorrow and show you how to do it.

My music for today is this beauty: That one I can´t play yet. But I learned The Chain and Breakable today (those are super easy), and this is my next goal. See you soon, ladies!


Charlie said...

Here is the link to the Harry Potter paper toys, http://themadhatterandalice.blogspot.com/2010/02/its-only-paper-moon-with-paper-stars.html

Sorry, I didn't know where to send you the link. I'm still kind of new to Blogger.

p.s. I adore your blog, I do plan to follow. Us Harry Potter fans need to stick together. lol

Charlie said...

P.S.S. The pictures don't show how cute they really are.