Sunday, March 21, 2010


Originally, I planned to show you how I made this beautiful purse for my daughter Eva last week: I thought about making a second one for Ronja and documenting the process for you, because it´s really pretty easy.
Well, I think I just can´t, because yesterday I sort of knocked myself out. I´m such a marshmallow, I tell you.
It all started with Ronja cutting a bread for herself (something she has done more than a hundred times by now, and never anything happened), and cutting half her thumb in the process. Blood everywhere, screaming, yeah, you get it. So, I was never really good seeing blood. For someone reading vampire stories all the time, I´m amazingly whiney. So, I got on my bike, while Tim took care of Ronja, to get some bandages at the pharmacy. And to get some air. And then I fainted on the sidewalk and got myself a concussion, while my six year old daughter had her thumb repaired with 10 stitches and her nail removed without saying a word. I´m the most embarressing person in the world. See? That´s how her little hands look now. She didn´t faint. I did. Which she found pretty cool, when I told her later, when we spend the rest of the day together in bed, listening to Harry Potter, while I had a headache and she had an aching thumb. I still have a headache, so I guess I´ll miss the Craft Scooling Sunday on Creative Jewish Mom this week ;-)
Anyway, no headache can be strong enough to keep me from music. Last week I discovered there was an album by Chris Thile I hadn´t heard about before, Deceiver. I had to buy it on amazon straight away. My favourite song is this: No, the song´s not called "Thorus WakeUp-Call"; or whatever, it´s called "This is all real." And I don´t like anime, but this was the only version on youtube to share with you. So... just close your eyes, okay? I adore those lyrics, and the way he´s stretching the notes. It´s actually the first and only Chris Thile song I know without a mandolin in it, and I´m surprised how much I love it. It reminds me a lot of "Within you without you" by the Beatles, that´s cool. And I think it doesn´t sound to hard to play on the piano.

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