Friday, March 19, 2010

It´s spring!

Finally!I´ve waited so long for it to finally come this year, and now it hits me with all it´s beauty. Life is so much nicer with some sun shining and the kids bouncing in the garden - our garden. We´ve planted some flowers...And Eva again told me it was the best idea EVER to move to this house, away from the old flat that had no garden and was at a high traffic street, so I couldn´t really let the kids go out without supervision.
And it´s so beautifull to wake up to the sound of singing birds. And to open the window wide and let some air in. I just wanted to share my joy, this is all this post is about. Oh, and I´ve got some matching music for sure ;-)This is one sexy song, right? Kiss me with your eyelashes... man, I wish I´d have thought about these lyrics! And just while we´re at this topic - I highly enjoyed this post by McMama.

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