Thursday, September 1, 2011

Paper Parasols.

I love them. Bright, colorful, cheap and versatile. I made this wreath some months ago, you might remember it, or maybe you´ve just seen it somewhere on the net, there are quite a lot of versions of this:
I´ve been such a black and white person during the last years, but this year, I really begin to appreciate the beauty of all shades of the rainbow, and this project is just adding one more colorsplash to our home.

And I´m loving this wreath so much I made it something to go with:
This baby took quite a while, and it got finished shortly before we went to Moscow. Basically, you cut off the sticks of the paperparasols, and glue them, with a hot glue gun, to a white rice paper lantern. I stole mine from Miro´s room. Souns simple.
But it´s quite timeconsuming. It took me several afternoons, especially because I underestimated the amount of parasols needed (I needed around 150), and because apparently they aren´t equally colordevided in their packs - there are always more red parasols than any other color. And since I didn´t want same colors to touch, I had to buy quite a lot of parasol packs.
But hey, my kids liked sorting them for me, opening them and snipping off the little sticks.
And the result?
I really like it. And it looks a lot better in real life than on the pic. But maybe you go and try this yourselves?

Music for today?

I hadn´t known this song until I found it yesterday in some craft video about folding stars. It was in the charts, actually, at some point of history, and I think it really deserves it, because it´s awesome! I´m surrounded by Tyrranosaurs Rex and Transformers all day long, oh, I can so relate to this!


creativejewishmom/sara said...

just love this idea too! and yours looks great and so much fun. so nice to see you on Craft Schooling Sunday and all the best!

Creatrish said...

Cant believe I m hearing that song! It was over play in UK when it came out so it was kind of annoying but to hear it again now its great! Love your lamp shade so coooooool! Need to try that one day, another project too many really! I found on sunday car boot sale some jewellery handmade violins in wood! (earring and brooch)but really u can use them as you wish!WhenI'd like to send them to u as i know you love your music! if you do want them just send me your adress at my email address on my blog!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...


This is so cool! I'm working on my Girl Scout Gold Award project which is focused on finding uses for broken umbrellas. I'd love to include this project on the website, with your permission.

Many thanks,
Lauren M.