Saturday, June 4, 2011

Project wallet

My kids always loose their wallets. And often need one, for all the garage sales and fun fairs and trips to the sweet store. Our new wallets now look like this:
And just so you know we can actually use them:

They are longlasting, small enough to fit into the pockets of little pants, cheap enough you don´t have to worry when they get lost, and they involve recycling - all together that makes them quite a cool project, don´t you think?

All you need is:
A hot glue gun
Some velcro strips or dots (self adhesive ones work the best)
and drink containers of any size, preferably with a beautiful design on them.
(and love, of course. Sorry. I couldn´t keep that one in)

Now take your drink container, and cut off the top and the bottom:
Yeah, of course you could work a little more neat - but this was done by a seven year old, so I think it´s pretty cool :)
This is a good point to wash your container, if you haven´t done it allready. We worked with milk containers, actually, the wallets on the first pic were made in February, and I can guarantee you, it didn´t get stinky, because you can wash them pretty clean this way.
After this, flatten your container, with the boring looking sides with all the nutrition stats on tucked in, like this:
From the inside, it looks like this now: 
Then, by eyemeasure, fold the whole thing into three parts - one for the back, one for the front, and one for the flap.
On this pic, you can see the version where we allready had cut the flap - simply cut of everything from the last third that isn´t supposed to become the flap - does this make sense? I´m not sure ;) Basically, you leave the back from the container intact, but cut off the rest. During this process, I like to round the edges, but that´s optional. Whatever floats your boat.

Now it´s time for your best friend, the hot glue gun. Put glue on the pat you can see in the pic above, the one with the apples on, and glue the front to the back. Hold it for a while, to let it cool down and connect.
And with this, ladies and gentlemen, we´re almost there - add your velcro to the front and to the flap, and go out with your shiny new wallet. Show it to everybody and tell them how cool recycling is :)

So, this was my craft project for the week. I´m typing this at home, on my Sofa, on a rainy tuesday, but I´m telling blogger to publish it on Saturday. So if you read this, I´m in Paris. I´ve never done this before, writing posts in advance and publishing them at some point later. Usually it´s write and hit over here, so, that´s an experiment for me :)

My music for the day is:

Yep, I admit it. I´ve got a crush on this girl. Her rapping is so confident and effortless, and the fun she´s having with her music is contagious. Besides, she´s a true style icon for me, as well :)


creativejewishmom/sara said...

love this one, and of course the fact that it's using recycled materials! great to see you on Craft Schooling Sunday!

HelenClyde said...

Yep, I´m trying to make it regular :)