Sunday, March 7, 2010

Living in a wonderland :-)

I love when literature becomes so real it takes over your life. I love living in fictional worlds, and that´s one of the many beautiful things about having children - you´re allowed to live in a magical world, even though you might be, physically, grown up.
Last week, we handed out those invitations to the potter party in which I wrote something like "We expect your answer via owl" - and instantly got this: That´s a cute origami owl, right? Seems we´re not the only freaks :-)
I went on preparing, too, with those cute beer labels:The link to the page that featured those is in the last post, in case you want them, too. The bottles contain Maltbeer, that´s sweet and without alcohol, of course. When I was nursing my twins, I was addicted to it.

And I made some signs, reading "The great Hall" (Our dining room), "Herbology" (that´s our garden) and "Potions Class" (in the basement, of course!)I´m especially proud on those details: Also, I´d like to thank "Anonymous" who showed me the link to those cute broomstick picks. I think I´ll make them, when I find the time, and stick some meat balls and tomatoes on them. What a great idea :-)
So, while I´m typing, Eva is on the sofa next to me reading her "Magical Sister" book, Ronja´s reading her "Magical tree house"-book and I just finished the second Hunger Games book - I can highly recommend that and am now yearning for the third. Oh, and by the way, we went to see "Alice in Wonderland" yesterday. That was brilliant, much better than I had expected. Especially Ronja, my middle child, could highly relate to Alice. Here she is, with her 3D-glasses: And before I go on turning our house into Hogwarts, I leave you with matching music: This song is by Nickel Creek (okay, original Bob Dylan). They are one of my very favourite bands, I have all their albums, and they are the reason I picked up a mandolin. I love that some fellow soul out there on youtube matched this song with pictures of The Lord of the Rings and gave the song a whole new meaning.
See you next week, after the party, ladies :-)

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