Sunday, February 28, 2010

Potterparty preparations, and the best music in months :-)

To those of you who come here regular it might not be exactly news that our whole family is mad abot Harry Potter. So, Evas birthdayparty this year is gonna be a nice, classical Harry Potter Party. We have the invitations ready to hand out, (they read like the acceptanceletter Harry got in the first book), and this is supposed to bethe fat lady from the Gryffindor portrait hole, okay, she was supposed to be fat, but that´s hard to draw, and she still needs a nice golden frame. I´m hanging her in our entrance, so all the guest have to say a password before they´re allowed to enter.And this is fabric for the 10 black cloaks for the "students". By now I cut it, but I simply loved the look of five meter black velvet. I also found beautiful Butterbeer Bottle lables and lots of cool (but not exactly realistic) party ideas here, and I have a broom parking sign so far. I have tons of other things in mind, but it´s still two weeks until we get the party started, so...
I bet you get to see some more soon, like our potion class (I´ll let the kids mix up all sorts of colorfull juices, but they have to drink them afterwards) or our herbalogy class (I let them eat herbs with their eyes closed, and they have to tell me whether its parsley or basil or chives), and I still have to work a lot on the decoration.
Onto something else:
Okay, if this doesn´t get everyone dancing and tapping their feet and shaking their hips, I don´t know what will. These girls come from Norway (despite their german name), and the music they play is so rich and different and creative I want to bath in it. Another song from them, that leads into a whole nother direction, is I´m listening to them on endless repeat since I found out about them, and they make me happy!

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Can't wait to hear more about your Potter party!
I saw these cute broomstick drink decorations at