Monday, July 21, 2014

Pillow talk

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This is a surprisingly easy project, and I don´t know why I´ve never tried it before - sew a pillow!

I got the basic pillow from Ikea - about four Euro, I think - and I had it lying around here for a while.

 photo DSCF7923_zpsd50372a1.jpg

I took some quilting scraps, and began placing them on the pillow, to see what looked nice, and how many I needed to safely cover the surface. I made a whole science out of which colour should go next to the other, and this is what probably took longest, but also was lots of fun.

 photo DSCF7924_zpsfbd38c9d.jpg

After I was convinced I had the right layout, I began connecting the fabric squares, right side on right side, to form strips.

 photo DSCF7925_zpsc98f38a9.jpg
And then assembled those strips...

 photo DSCF7926_zps128588e2.jpg form a square. Now, doesn´t it look nice?

For the back, I still had an old sofa-cover in the basement, that was about to be thrown away in the process of cleaning out the basement to create space for our beekeeper´s equipment - so I took it, had a close look at it to find the one clean spot, and placed my pretty newly quilted spare on top of it:
 photo DSCF7927_zpsd97f49e5.jpg

Then I cut around it:
 photo DSCF7928_zpsfc34152b.jpg

And sewed the two sides together, pushed in the pillow, and sewed it shut. And that was it.

Now I´ve got less scraps, more space in my basement, and a nice cushion - when Tim and I watch Game of Thrones on the sofa and I lay my head on his lap, his hip bones won´t poke my shoulder again :)


Something dutch again, fit for summer :)

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