Monday, July 28, 2014

Munich - Day 1

My name is Bond - Vagabond.
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Yeah, I know it´s a bad pun, but I saw it on a bumper sticker on the road today, and I love bad puns. Also, I loved the sticker, because it made me feel like We´re on the road again - which we are.

We´re on our way to Croatia, and Munich is our first stop - right now, I´m sitting in a little bar with a campfire and lots of drunken Dutch guys wearing no shirt - it really is lovely. It´s a cheap backpacker´s place with a huge common dorm room (though we sleep in our tent - and isn´t it awesome?)
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 ... and where people share their food and everyone speaks English and there´s a piano for everyone to play - something I´ve never had before on any campsite. Really cool.

As soon as we arrived Eva vanished to her friend - a friend of hers moved here in January, and the two of them have been missing each other dearly. Now they´re whispering together in their own tent.

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The rest of us checked out Munich city for a bit - Mehmet and Miro discovered the fountains and got completely wet so I had to get them new shorts.

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We found a Garden of Eden themed art installation in a church that looked really pretty,

and  guy with a grand piano playing in front of a Dirndl store.
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So that´s Munich so far :)

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