Monday, June 9, 2014

To the sea

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The closest beach to our home is the one in Den Haag - it´s a drive of about 3 hours. Since we don´t have a car, that´s usually a no-go.

Tim´s parent´s are in Norway, for ten weeks, and they left us their car for the time they´re gone.

Now, their car is a small, old white thing - with 5 seats, and we´re 6 people. So, usually, we can´t just go on a family trip. It would´t be legal with all of us in that tiny car - also, it wouldn´t be comfortable.

Eva´s on her scout´s camp!
So, we´re 5 people with a regular 5-people car at our hands, and the sun is shining, so...

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We spent a day getting tan, listening to the waves and feeling ultimately free.
I don´t know how that is, but the sea never fails to lift my mood, to make all of us cheerful and happy - and free, so free. We should live there. Always. I took Eva´s ukulele with me and spent a lot of time playing at the beach, and when I didn´t, we cuddled and joked around and strolled along the beach hand in hand and drank peach milkshakes.

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Mehmet, Miro and Ronja found heaps of jellyfish, along with the other kids at the beach, and they carried them into little makeshift - basins and inspected them. They pretty much played 6 hours straight without even realizing time was moving.

Oh, and there was a lovely outdoor bookstore at the promenade in Den Haag, I think it almost looks like art, with it´s wavy shelves:
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So, yeah...
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...the beach smelled like salt and sand and peach milkshakes and coconut and sweat, and it sounded like ukulele and soft waves, and it felt like silky sand and sun on my skin and and cuddling my sandy, fresh and cool sun under a blanket.

On the radio, we listened to the live broadcast of PinkPop music festival - that´s THE greatest Dutch music festival, and their line-up this year contained, amongst others, Bastille, John Mayer, Biffy Clyro and Ed Sheeran. So we should have been there... only, it´s a bit tough, going to a gigantic music festival with four kids... and expensive, that as well. So the sea was a great alternative.


Of course :)

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