Sunday, June 8, 2014


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I had a gloriuos mother-and-son-day yesterday, with my two gorgeous knights.

Since Eva´s on her scout´s camp and Tim and Ronja were doing an apiarist´s course, there was just me and the twins, and when I found out there was a medieval fair about an hour away from where we live, the deal was set.

The sun was burning, we were sweaty and dusty, and the fair pretty much held the perfect combination of both displays of various old crafts and extreme fighting with giant swords and lots of fire to keep all three of us very entertained.

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Miro really liked the guy who made paper - he came back to him several times and eagerly asked questions - we´re so doing this in the near future!!!

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We ate fresh bread from skewers in the sunshine while watching the really cute juggler, and the guy with the giant soap bubbles was there, as well:
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This is Miro on the way back:
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I loved that day yesterday. I loved being guarded at the ATM machine by two guys with a sword and bow and arrow, who also stopped to drag a tree out of my way when we were riding home on our bikes. I felt like a proper lady :)

We´ve still got two more free days left of this precious, long weekend - I´ll be packing our bags now, and with any luck, we´re at the sea this afternoon :)

See you!

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