Saturday, April 19, 2014

So free.

We´re on our easter break. That means, no school for me or the kids, no sceduled dates and utter freedom :)
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Tim dug a pond in our garden, and though it still needs some work, the girls love to use it to relax, the bees and chicken go there to drink, and the boys love to sink pebbles in it. And no, I don´t think Eva and Ronja colour-coordinated their towels to match their sundresses :)

Speaking of bees:
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They seem to be thriving. We allready added the honey space, and when we look inside, they seem to fill that - quite fast. We went to another meeting of beekeepers, and they told us we should maybe add a third box, because our bees seem so strong and fertile they are running out of space. Hence, we ordered a third box, but this time one with plexi glass, so we can see them :)

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We had friends over, often. Our typical days begin around 10, 11-ish, and when I step ut of the shower, there are usually the first folks sitting downstairs, making coffee, and then we chat and make proper food and soap and sit in the garden, watching our three hen.

Just because we´ve got the time.

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Mehmet and Miro came up with the awesome idea to dig a hobbit hole into our garden, and with Tim digging a pond, I can hardly tell them not to - plus, I find the idea pretty awesome myself. They involve the neighbourkids, too.

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Mehmet and I finally found the time to assemble the little model of Schloss Neuschwanstein, which was still missing in our collection. We´ve got around 15 models of famous buildings so far, including the Tower Bridge, the St. Peter´s Cathedral, the Statue of Liberty and some more, and we had found this cutie weeks ago - and never came around to assembling it. And I enjoy so much sitting on the floor with my gorgeus son, who´s patient and good with his hands and loves assembling things.

We went swimming.
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Oh, and I managed to clean the house, cook some jam, do all the laundry,  read several ??? books to the boys and finish a whole bunch of craft projects. Yay! Which, of course, makes me realize how much school takes away from life, time mostly spent waiting and cueing up and waiting, so, hmmm... I guess there´s not much I can do about that, right? Except make it better...

Tomorrow we´re leaving for the Black forest, to visit Tim´s brother. He used to live in London until this December which was way cooler, but hey, I guess the Blackforest will do, too :) And since I love posting from the road, you can expect me to post a few times more than those last weeks.


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