Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Homemade bubble tea

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I am a HUGE lover of bubble tea.
Yes, I am.
I know people claim it´s an artificial, unhealthy drink that contains blablabla and can cause blablabla. 
I loved that little store we had in our hometown. It was run by a friendly, chinese family that once even helped me out when I was babysitting a three year old Couchsurfer-kid from Taiwan. I loved the coconut-earl grey tea mixture, so sugary I could feel it stain my teeth, the gluey Tapioca bubbles, and I loved stopping there on my way back from school regularly, almost daily, until they went insolvent. Which happened after about three months. Apparently, having me as their sole customer wasn´t enough.

Ever since they closed their shop I´ve missed their delicious products and tried to copy them - and I´m glad to announce I finally succeeded.

The key - bubbles, of course :)
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It took me a while to figure out I can get them on amazon - I should have realized that earlier, really!

It is indeed interesting how they are boiled, and evolve from light brown and hard to black and soft.
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As for the tea - mine and Eva´s are Earl Grey tea, with coconut milk, lots of sugar and crushed ice, while the version for the little ones it crushed mango, crushed banana, honey and oranges juice. You can pretty much just pour your favourite drink over the bubbles - as long as it´s nice and sweet and chilled.


I must admit I´m tempted to post Colbie Caillat´s Bubbly, just because I always love when the music fits the post, but really - I´m so, so over that song, and I guess, so are you. Better have some JM instead :)

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