Thursday, March 6, 2014

Woodwork by Mehmet

 photo DSCF6810_zps561d4820.jpg
In one of the last posts I mentioned that Mehmet´s got a project of his own going that I´m really proud of - this is it :)

He´s been making these - sawing them from wood and coloring them - over the course of the last 3 weeks - every Tuesday he goes to sawing class in our school. I´m looking forward to picking him up, and when I´m there, after work, he shows me these and generously allows me to carry them home in my purse. He also titles them, on the back, in pencil:
 photo DSCF6811_zpsb520a030.jpg
He called it "Summer" - the one with the flowers. I´m pretty sure he isn´t aware I called my first book "Summer" too, and I find it a cute coincidence. Seems like there´s a mother/son pattern in what we feel to be relevant enough to be expressed aristically. Since he made these in school, I´m not there, but I so can imagine him sitting there, with his hair hanging like a curtain, concentrated on sawing, and I can see how he´s getting better - the car is his newest piece, and with my motherly eyes, I find it a lot better than the rabbit and "Summer". 

And then there´s this:
 photo DSCF6812_zps90bf563a.jpg
It´s a Geoboard. If you click the link, you can try out a virtual one. We´ve got them in school, and you use the elastic to create different shapes. Mehmet adores them, so we decided to make one. Or, well, he did. He also made cards to go with it, and laminated them, and is now super proud.As am I. And now I´ve got a post about Mehmet´s work, to show him. He´ll like that :)

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