Monday, March 3, 2014


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It´s the Carneval season around here.

Carneval means non stop terror of alcohol-infused german folk music in every shop you visit and even in school, a giant amount of cheap sweets all wrapped in plastic being thrown on the streets, shards of broken glass that endanger bicycle tires and the danger of drunken teenagers stumbling in your way, as well as silly people wearing silly uniforms. Sigh. Can you tell how much I like Carneval?

What I do like, however, is the costumes. I think people should wear costumes a lot more often. Dressing up equals making up stories, and if Carneval took place in summer, it would be even more fun.

Mehmet suggested the Cowboy theme, and Miro and I happily went along. Eva, however, had conferences with her friends on What´s App for weeks, and finally, she came home with this costume:
 photo DSCF6887_zps88f1842b.jpg
Yeah. She looks really cute, but when I first saw her, my jaw dropped. Whatever I had imgined she´d wear, it surely wasn´t this. I mean, take a look at those shoes. She´s pretty, allright, yet I feel better about Ronja in her full-body covering beekeper suit going out on her own than about this. Guess that means I´m becoming an old mom :)


Calm and happy, completely non carneval music with a cowboy on the album title :)

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