Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday, Sunday.

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I´ve got an angel digging in a bed of onions.

And no, I didn´t tell her to wear angels wings and her starry dress to dig around in the garden, but she just did, and I think it looked stunning.

We´ve planted rows and rows of onions, I like onions, and we´ve read "Holes" by Louis Sachar and loved Sam and his onions. Also, I´ve heard growing onions helps keeping ants away -  the seem to hate the smell, so I hope this is a gentle way to keep them away from our plants.
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Just in case you´re wondering why you only get pics of Ronnie in our garden - she´s the only one of our kids who goes there. Eva actually was surprised yesterday when she saw the tipi we wrapped in wool - she hasn´t been in the garden for weeks. Wet soil and worms really isn´t her thing.
She went to a two-day chemistry class at university this week, which makes me a proud mom, and she looks gorgeus doing this:
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Sounds gorgeous, too.

And the boys - oh, what do I know. Currently, they´re outside playing football on the street, I think. Miro visited a friend, and they are playing school, and they are playing with their toyknights and are simply adorable young men - but no gardeners. They don´t have to be. Mehmet, by the way, finished a project of his own yesterday, that´s so cool I´ll show it to you in a separate post :)

I adore weekends. I love having time to make lasagna, and planting this year´s sweet peas and onions, and still find the time to achieve a relatively tidy house, and how we can sleep in and check our kids´ homework and connect to them. I want my life to consist of nothing but weekends :)

We went to our beekeeping school again, yesterday, and got the first of our equipment, so it´s getting serious:
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Yes, Ronnie is holding her own diploma - she joined us in all the courses so far, and if you ask her about Buckfast vs. Carnica or Dadant vs. German Standard, she will tell you more than I can. Though my head, too, is filled with a whole new universe of knowledge now, and I´m just as eager as she is to head into the adventure of backyard beekeeping. And as soon as the next bunch of money comes in, we´re ordering the chicken coop  - we´ve allready decided on a nice one, which I´m going to paint, we´re only waiting for it to get warmer and for some money to pour in - and then our chicken can move in with us :)


This was one of my favourite songs on one of my favourite albums back around the time I was 17. I still get the CD out occasionally - it´s one of my very few CD´s I didn´t trash or trade for train tickets.
I love the lyrics and can recite them by heart, and I often sing this song, and I just found it very fitting :)

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