Thursday, February 20, 2014

Did you ever try this?

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It´s fun :)

We recently got into experimenting, at home as well as at the school front.

We tried the milk-foodcoloring trick that, by the way, also works with pepper on water, and while we had the pepper out, we did the good old separating-salt-from-pepper- trick (with a balloon, by using static energy).

We put a candle out by using a glass, and then by putting the candle on a plate with water, and the glass over it - if you don´t know what happens then, well, try :)

We mixed natron and citric acid on several occasions, for filling balloons or letting rockets fly, and of course I dug out my old favourite - the lava lamp.

I ordered some ferro-magnetic fluid on amazon, and we played with it in water:
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This effect is really neat, and you can view much better results in this video:

You only have to really take care to get this stuff on anything - it hardly comes off.

By now, my sons are pumping air into bowls with water and flooding the kitchen as soon as I don´t look, and the kids in school are asking me when my next experiment comes, and I´m feeling like I´m slowly running out of them. It´s hard to find impressive experiments that are not dangerous in front of large groups of kids... I´d like to get my hands on some dry ice:

See? I said it´s cool.

Liquid nitrogen also looks very interesting, but is apparently not safe to use in class, either - but watching this video makes me really regret being a responsible adult:

Now, aren´t those "self-inflating" balloons extremely cool? That was my small excurse into science. If you happen to have any further experiments I could use - cheap to perform, safe, but still with a surprising effect - don´t fear the comments-section.


The most beautiful song I´ve listened to within a year, hand´s down. Nothing to consume on heavy replay, but something to listen to maybe once, or twice a day, to bring you down on your knees and gut you. And listen closely to the mandolin solos. And don´t forget to breathe :)

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