Thursday, September 12, 2013

The most beautiful pieces of jewelry... could ever wear:
 Let me present to you: Wearable literature.

They don´t really take long - the hardest part is probably to decide which part of the book you´d like to wear. And to bring yourself to the point where you feel ready to actually harm a book.
We could only do it because we had, years ago, purchased three identical copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. In English, additional to our german copy, of course. Don´t ask why. We just did.

So I had this project on my mind for a while, and I did a bit of googling, and I found that the little glass stones even have a proper name: They are called cabochons.  You can purchase them, on amazon, for a reasonable price. If you are lucky to be in Spain, you can go into one of the many very cheap craft stores in Barcelona, and will find them in a little bag, two of them for 1,20 €. Now, that´s a deal. They even came with frames.
Then we thumbed through the pages and debated which pieces would be great to be turned into jewelry. Do I want to wear a Horcrux? No, I don´t.

Eva decided to take her favourite part - the scene where Molly fights Bellatrix, and the very stunning, characteristic "Bitch" out of this scene. She turned it into an earing.
I must admit that I really liked that.

I always knew which part I wanted - my very, very favourite part of all 7 books: The part where Ron pulls Harry out of the lake and returns from his long absence with a Bang. I´m wearing it right now, and have been wearing it for two weeks straight. It attracts a lot of friendly comments.

Ronja, by the way, picked the part that says "Here lies Dobby, a free elf", and I love that, too.
I have seen versions of Cabochons filled with the maps from Middleearth or the Seven Kingdoms - I could really imagine wearing a pendant with King´s Landing around my neck. And if you don´t want to destroy the book, you can still copy the page.

ANd in case you just can´t decide which part you like best...

 ...maybe you should just wear all 7 books simultaiously :) Click here to get to that project!


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