Sunday, September 8, 2013


 5 out of the 6 members of our family started something completely new this last week.
Mehmet and Miro, the two gorgeous young men you see above, started the first year of school.
If you´re coming from anywhere out of Gerany, you might wonder what they are holding - it´s a Schultüte, a tradition we have here - at the very first day of school, each kid gets such a huge paperbag, usually made by mom, and filled with treats. Traditionally it was completely filled with sweets, but Mehmet and Miro´s Schultüten were filled with all sorts of goodies - clay packs, special pens, Lord Voldemort action figures, craft kits,stamps and, well, of course some sweets.
And of ourse I made their Schultüten :)
We let balloons rise into the clear, blue sunny sky. As we did with Eva, and Ronja.
And then we celebrated having brunch and checking out th contents of the Schultüten.

One day later:
Ronja had her first day at her new school. From now on, she´s in an English/German bilingual class right next door to her brother´s school, right next to where I work, together with her best friend. Apparently, she´s loving it.

And, to be all together, and because Eva wasn´t really quite happy at her old, rather conservative school, Eva changed school as well and is now, two grades above Ronja, just where all her siblings are.

Oh, and where I am! Spending my days...
...entertaining kids. 

Not that I hadn´t done that before, but I started with a new class, and with a lot more hours a week, and my real, paid, contract. Additionally, I began freelance-translating during the evenings - I translate all sorts of texts, from geographic descriptions to job applications to articles on espresso machines, and I really enjoy it - kids during the day, translating during the evenings. I´ve always loved the English language. If you need anything translated into German, you can hire me :) 

We are all tired and overwhelmed this week, and I´m not really sure how to keep up with my social contacts, not to speak of the housework. Also, with us all coming home around 5 every day, I don´t know how I am supposed to continue my soap-making juice-boiling- sewing-experimenting, but I´m pretty sure I´ll find a way - I´m allready planning button bracelets and making jam with my kids in school. 

Hear me roar :)
Yep, I do like this better than the original. I am convinced that almost every song can be improved being sung by Tyler Ward. I´m looking forward to October - I´ll be seeing him live then, again, for the fourth time :)


Patricia Thomas said...

Being busy as usual, like the big cones, ouh my girls would love this tradition, gifts and sweets! Here "la rentrée" was good, no big changes for the girls as its the first time they are going to the same school taht they have left in June! Me I m fitting to have my graphic business going and I have I apply for a job (only 10hours a week) to teach kids english via cooking or art, the DREAM job!
Hope you will have time to talk to us via posting!

Dana said...

Hey there! It's been a while, hasn't it? While I'm not so much into blogging anymore, mainly because I'm really busy, I still more than enjoy reading about all your fabulous family adventures :)
One thing just stood out to me. And I am in no way criticizing; I would just like to mention it, because it is something I was not aware of myself. So here it goes: releasing balloons into the air is extremely dangerous for wildlife. They eventually pop and come back down. Wildlife gets tangled in the string or mistakes the latex pieces of the popped balloons for food, which can actually kill them if they get stuck in their throats. Once I found out I did a google search and some of the images were heart wrenching :( Like I said, this was something I wasn't aware of myself and because I know how much you care about all living creatures, I figured I'd mention it.
I hope your boys are enjoying school :) Greetings to Germany from all across the pond!