Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Shelf Esteem - Participate!

I found this pic on pinterest.

And I loved the play on words, and, of course, the bookshelfporn.

So I thought, I´d try something -  a link-up party, for you to participate, for the first time.
I´m not really sure if this will work - actually, I´m pretty sure most of my readers are rather silent readers than posters, and that´s cool. I´m usually not such a big fan of link-ups myself.
But this time, I thought I´d love to see your shelfs, so come and show me!
At the end of this post, you´ll find a link-up, where you can add your own bookshelf-post - so come on and show some shelf-esteem!

Here´s our shelf:
...and Ronnie, of course. With her favourite book, Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows. Did you expect anything else? 
 When we moved here, putting up my bookshelf was the first thing I did - long before I unpacked our clothes, or the dishes, or all those other mundane things. And I´m really an untidy person, but my bookshelf is always in spotless order.

I don´t order my books alphabetically. And I don´t think I´d ever organize my books by color or size - because to me that would feel like buying them for the color of their spine rather than for their content.
So I organize them by genres - roughly, becauses I think genres often overlap.

The big shelf in the middle is fantasy, which is the genre we mostly read in our family. Fairy tales also go into the fantasy shelf - when I was at university, I did one of my final exams about fairy tales, and I´ve made it a habit to bring a book with fairytales from each country we visit.
On the left to it, there´s crime and thriller - organized by author, and location of the authour - all the swedish crime novels go on one board, the british crime novels fill 3 boards, then two boards for american crime novelists.
There´s a board for the arabic room and one for my old teen books and one for the "Discover-yourself - novels" - that´s where I put Nick Hornby, or John Green, or Markus Zusak. There´s a board for weird treasures like "The good marriage" from 1952 or "How to be a good housewife" from 1948 - I collect such books, as well. 
The classics all go into their own shelf, and there´s another shelf for non-fiction - sheet music, biographies, dictionaries, all those science books from Tim.
When I sort my books, I like to imagine - would they like each other? - before I put them next to each other.
I believe Elizabeth George, Deborah Crombie and Peter Robinson would get along just fine, so I sort their books together. And no matter which book I´m searching - I´ll always find it within seconds.

...aaand that´s me and... well... my favourite book? It´s hard to say without being really unfair. The book I´m holding is Stephen King´s 11.22.63, which is a novel about the Kennedy-assasination, containing timetravelling and a teacher and an awesome lovestory. But I would have held The Gargoyle by Andrew Davis instead, had I not lend it to my best friend.

So! Show me! Click that tiny button, and show me your shelf! Or your favourite book. Or you, stripping at your local library. Or the public bookshelf on your market-quare. I´m excited to see if anybody links up and thanking you in advance!

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