Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ivory soap.

You can´t get it in Germany. But the cool stuff doesn´t work with german soap, I´ve tried.
So, well... guess what? I ordered it. Yep, I paid shipping fees to order several bars of Ivory soap on amazon. Just to do this:
Yep. Of course.
We, once in a lifetime, had to put a bar of Ivory soap in the microwave, just to see if all the legends are true.
Are they?
They are.
Ivory Sopa + microwave = Giant Soap Cloud!
And yes, you can let it snow and smash it and form balls from it, and it´s rather solid than slimy. ANd yes, it does indeed smell awesome.
We didn´t stop at that, though.
We also figured that it´s absolutely great for carving practice!!!
So we made a collection of little soap figures :)


I really like them. They´re too unknown to come to tour here, I guess, but yesterday, I got myself a ticket to a Bastille-Show in November. Yeah!

Actually, I´ve got a lot more to post than this small soap experiment - about or fifth child adjusting just fine and about the many super cool kitchen experiments and about making juice and the new purse I made and my birthday party. But those posts are too unstructured yet, so - here´s some soap :)

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