Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The view from here.

So now I´ve got 5 kids - temporarily.  I´ve got five kids, we´re 6 people again, and on Thursday, when Tim returns, we´ll be 7. 

Our trip to Amsterdam was relatively smooth, nobody got lost and all went well - and now we have an open, interested and incredibly brave new hostdaughter who´ll stay with us for the summer months. 

Look, our breakfast the day after she arrived: 
Fruit from Ecuador!
Miro totally loved them all. My favourites were the big, white things in the corners - "guananama?" I´m not exactly sure how they are called, but they were soft and tasted like bubblegum.

It´s really very natural having her around - she allready goes to scool with my girls and helps around the house as if she´d never belonged anywhere else. She´s awesome!!!

On another note, we tried making that foamdough they always spread on pinterest: 
It consists of shaving cream and cornstarch. And it makes a huge, almost uncleanable mess, like everything containing cornstarch - this slime for example.
But then again, I knew that beforehand, and it does feel soft and smooth and lovely. 
And it does smell nice and is A LOT of fun!
And what is so awesome about kids who are entertained? 

You´ve got time to read!
Those four babies are the ones I´ve recently read - recently means during those last 3 weeks without my husband. 
From top to bottom - The new King was a must, I had preordered him, of course, because I often feel like Stephen King had an immense influence on my moral codex and my democratic views. Sometimes I think he shaped me more than my father did - at least Stephen King has been there with me for the last 20 years. Joyland was okay - he always is an easy read, and his language always feels like coming home to me - but the story was a bit cliché. Which, I think, was his point. 
The second one, the 13 reasons why was a quick read, too, but I found the protagonist immensely annoying and, yes, evil. Which I think was the point, as well. 
The book thief - do I really need to say anything? I read it on the train to Amsterdam. Markus Zusak has a gorgeous, flowery language, and I love how he doesn´t fall back on the stereotype of the evil Nazi german but honestly seems to try  to portrait this time, this society my people had formed back then in a...well, can you say neutral way on this topic? Objective way? I´m not sure. But he showed people. Realistic people. And that was really cool.
And then there´s Wonder. 
Wonder is a book I got from my 70 year old friend, who loved it. My 6 year old sons also love it. Everyone in my surrounding loves it, or will get it as a present, so they shall love it. It´s terrific, really. It´s about how people in middle school are evil assholes. And humans, too. 

Ahem. So, books. Yeah. 
To finish this completely unstructured and chaotic post, let me include one last picture: 
Just because I like it.

Next post - more structure :) Promised :)
Watch the video, too!

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