Sunday, June 2, 2013

Life so full

Oh, this was such a busy, crowded weekend, just like I love it - seems like spring is finally arriving, not just in the sky, but also in our minds.

On Thursday, we went to visit Tim´s cousin, who recently got her third child - a sweet smelling, cuddly little baby boy who never cries and only giggles all the time - especially when all the big kids - his two sisters and my three kids (Eva is still in France) are in sight. We spent some rainy days in her small flat in a very rural region in the south, with seven children and four adults, among them her not-so-easy husband, but non the less it felt... alive.
And I loved the long rides in the car, (we participate in Carsharing for the rare occasions we need a car) blasting Biffy Clyro on the Autobahn, and I loved drawing with her kids and playing that old electrical mini-piano in their hallway, and I loved it when she allowed me to harvest her whole rhubarb.

Before we had left, we were in the process of renovating Eva´s room, but during our time in the south, we got some Couchsufing requests - two guys from Egypt, and two guys from Canada. We immediatly liked them and couldn´t say no, so... we had like 5 hours after we came home to transform the construction site that Eva´s room was into a place where people can sleep.

And let me say, to quote Jason Mraz...

...we fuckin´diddit!

I repainted her walls (some walls are with chalkboard-paint, oh, what a wonderful thing that is),

and I did all the cleaning and rearranging of the furniture, but I managed to convince Tim to hang some curtains and a chandelier and build her a new wardrobe.

We spent some quite intense working hours up there, during which we also got a call from Ronnies godfather, telling us that his new son was just born that day, too, and a call from Tim´s other cousin in Finland, telling us he´s coming to visit us next month. Very, very sweet, all that.

Well, and after we´d cleaned the paint out of our hair, we said hello to our guests.

And, oh, it´s so, so beautiful sitting up late, eating rhubarb pie and drinking Egyptian tea and talking about the revolution, comparing educational systems in Canada, Germany and Egypt, talking about the different musical instruments and mentalities and the best bike trails.

I like having breakfast with new friends from two different continents. Feels really cool.

 While in the meantime, other new friends hang their laundry on our balcony...

...and another friend makes balloon-animals with my kids...
 I love when the conversation around our breakfast table switches from german to english to french, and sometimes there´s some arabic in between which I don´t understand, and lots of laughing. And I was really sad when Ronja and I had to leave early, because...
...we participated in a guided tour to learn about wildgrowing, edible herbs.
And though my heart bled leaving all my seven men behind, (now, doesn´t that sound cool?), Ronja and I learned an mmense amount of new things, and I now know so many things they deserve a whole new post.

I´ll finish with a terrific song from my new very, very favourite band:

I need to find them and join them :)

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